How We Work > Delivery Models

Ulkasoft has two structured models for delivering the final products customized and designed for customers. One is for offshore work and the other one is for onsite work. Ulkasoft has both types of expert teams to make a balance in all types of projects.

  • Onsite Model
  • Onsite delivery model is easier than offshore work delivery model. In this model Ulkasoft does face to face meeting to understand the project requirements from the relevent customer. After understanding the all required tasks and outputs Ulkasoft does meeting for the second time for the project negotiations. If all the are set then project is ready to start and Ulkasoft is ready to submit the final product within the deadline.

  • Offshore Model
  • Offshore work model is critical process. It needs good communication process to continue with the customer from the different parts of the world. It requires quite good managerial skills to manage clients with different processes and styles. Ulkasoft is familiar with these work situations and exposure of successful achievements.